December 2021 Detail

Meeting Room Integration updates (Attendee's) NOW LIVE
Our Meeting Room Integration with Microsoft is getting an overhaul in this widely anticipated release. It provides the ability to view and edit attendees, make a meeting a Teams meeting and enables users that are not on your active directory to book shared meeting rooms.

Checkin Via QR Code (Kiosk) NOW LIVE

The Kiosk feature provides you with a way to display a QR Code for checking in on any device with internet access. 
When scanned on a mobile device, the user's Clearooms App or portal (if the app is not installed) will open on a page displaying all available bookings that require checking into. 
The Kiosk can also be printed if you prefer not to use a Tablet or TV to display the code. The QR Code is changed daily to stop users from taking a picture of it and using without actually being present in the office so remember to re-print daily if you are going paper based. 

If you wish your account can be locked to only allowing check in via the QR Code. 
This ensures that users that have checked in did so by being present in the office on that day.  
To turn this on head to Settings > Hot Desks > Check in

Colour Preferences 

The Custom Colours option in a users Profile Page alters the booking icon colours for that user. 
Whether you just prefer different colours or suffer from colour blindness this option allows you to select a separate colour for each booking status

Cancel Bookings in Bulk NOW LIVE

Bulk canceling of Desk Bookings is an Admin only feature that can be accessed via Settings > Accounts > Offices.

Click on the office name and you will see this option near the bottom of the page. Enter the date from and date to values and click proceed to cancel all bookings in the period (for the office chosen)