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Meeting room services allow you to create custom groups (Services) of items and make them available to order when booking a meeting room though Clearooms. 
Examples of Services could be  

  • Catering, with various options of sandwiches, buffets or drinks 

  • Equipment, with item such as projectors, laptops, white boards

  • Configuration, with items like "Conference set up" , "Training Set up" 

Once services are created you can allocate a designated email address to send requests to and assign the "Service Manager" role to users so they can view, edit, respond to orders. 

To upgrade to Meeting Room Services open Settings > Account > Upgrades and Labs  You can start a trial of the service which lasts 10 days or purchase immediately.

Creating Services

A Service and its items are created from Settings > Meeting Rooms > Services

A Service needs a name, description and a destination email. Each service can be made available to specific users, Meeting Rooms, Teams or even certain Roles. 

A service can be restricted to specific rooms, people or roles and can be set to only be available within certain days and/or times of the day. 

Creating Service Items

Once a Service exists you can add Service Items by adding a name and Description then defining if it is quantity sensitive and if it has a charge. 

Service items can have a minimum and max order quantity and can have a charge associated with them. 

Requesting Orders

A user with access can add services to a meeting room booking.

The Service is first selected with an associated time for delivery and then items and quantities can be added. 

Service Manager Dashboard

The Service Manager dashboard gives the recipient of orders a view on all orders and  this is where orders can be accepted, rejected and edited. Changes to the order are automatically emailed back to the requestor.