Hello Admin,

  • Room Resources

    • Adding resources to your meeting rooms allows users to filter on the office plan to find the room that has all the right facilities before booking.

  • Room Images

    • The view of a meeting room now displays an image of your room, you can upload and change these images from settings. We have added a generic default image so you don’t have to add one if you don’t want to.

  • Capacity of a room

    • The capacity of a room as listed in your Office 365 or Google room resource is now displayed in the header of the room for users to see.

  • Room Services - clearer visibility

    • Room resources that are available to the user/room are now displayed in the calendar view, hover over the services to see the service items.

  • Paxton Net2 integration

This long anticipated plugin is now available. Our Paxton Net2 plugin syncs your users and maps Paxton “doors” to Clearooms office’s allowing you to auto-checkin users when they access the building - no more prompts and reminders, just seamless checkins.

  • Reporting on your Paxton door access is also delivered as part of this plugin, see who is in the office based on door access and highlight people that are in the office but have not booked a desk.

  • No desk - book on automatically - This optional feature books a desk for people entering the building without a desk booked. The email notification will advise them which desk has been booked for them.

  • Notifications - Email notifications when a user enters the building without a booking to a nominated person/group email.

  • See a timeline of events from the desk booked, door entry, check in/check out

Learn more about our Paxton integration here and request access by emailing